Meet Ray

The Early Years

Ray was born in Vancouver.  For the first five years of his life he lived on a farm in Courtney, BC. Scouting played a large part of young Ray's life where he served as both Scoutmaster and cubmaster. After nine years of scouting Ray served in The Royal Canadian Air Cadets, earning the rank of Sergeant. Ray an avid flyer was awarded a scholarship and earned his private pilots licence. A graduate of Vancouver Technical High School, Ray went on to apprentice as a watch and clock technician. His first job in the field was at Woodward's Stores Ltd. where he worked in management over ten years as a jeweler, repairman, and estimator earning honors in the Woodward's management training course. 

By 1970, Ray opened his own business designing and building original timepieces, and sculptured clocks.  It was during this time that he received a City of Vancouver commission to design and build the worlds’ first steam clock in ‘Gastown’, Vancouver, B. C. 


 (As seen in National Geographic magazine, Oct. 1978.) 

Over the past 40 years Ray has built more than 200 public clocks, including seven different steam clocks. The latest steam clock, #7 was installed in March 2014 as an entrance attraction for Scenic World Co., in Katoomba, Australia. It has thirteen whistles playing  “Waltzing Matilda.”